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In chiropractic, neck pain is generally the second most common condition treated by chiropractors. While neck pain is less common than low back pain, many people suffer from this condition and related arm pain. Pain in the neck results from soft tissue abnormality such as ligaments, muscles and nerves. Abnormalities in the joints of the spine and bone can also cause pain in the neck area. Soft tissue abnormalities from prolonged wear and tear and injury are the most common causes of neck pain that chiropractors treat. In many people, these abnormalities are the source of pain in the arms, upper back and shoulders.

When muscle strain, such as repetitive strain injury, causes pain in the neck, people experience stiffness and pain that spread to the forearm and upper arm. Shooting pain spreading down the arm throughout the hand and fingers can be an indication of a pinched nerve or nerve entrapment in the neck which causes weakness and numbness.

A chiropractor evaluates the spine as a whole to see if other regions of the spine are affected aside from the neck. The chiropractic doctor may educate patients on nutrition, lifestyle changes, proper body mechanics, good posture and stress management apart from treating the neck. Chiropractic neck adjustment is done to loosen up cervical vertebrae joints in the neck area.

Jacksonville chiropractor Dr. Nick Baiata uses an effective non-surgical, drug free approach to treating and eliminating neck pain.