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Spinal discs are defined as pads that cushion the vertebral bodies, thus minimizing the impact on the spinal column caused by movement. In a way, these discs are shock absorbers and shock distributors. Each disc is made up of a softer component in the center, and the abnormal rupture of this central portion is referred to as disc herniation.

A disc herniation is a condition involving one of the discs between the vertebrae or individual bones that stack up to make up the spine. A herniated disc most commonly occurs at the level between the low back’s fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae.

A disc herniation can irritate nerves that are nearby if the herniated disc is large enough, and can result in weakness, numbness or pain in the back, arm, leg or lower extremity muscles. Some individuals may also experience local pain at the level of the affected spine. Other people, however, do not experience any symptoms from a disc herniation. Surgery is not often needed to correct the problem.

Chiropractic care is a conservative option for treating disc injuries.  Dr. Nick Baiata in Jacksonville's beaches area is experienced and effective at managing this painful ailment.