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Posted on 01-03-2019

Happy New Year!

This letter is to share some of my experiences in the past year related to health.
As far as diet is concerned, I continue to maintain a healthy whole foods/Mediterranean diet.  If you would like to read about a diet that I subscribe to read Michael Pollan’s book, “In Defense of Food”.  I skip breakfast and usually don’t eat until noon and again after work around 6:30 pm.  This pattern of eating is called intermittent fasting.  There is a lot of information on intermittent fasting on the internet.  Just ask google.
I continued to explore the health benefits of cold water exposure.  My most observable change is my ability to handle colder temperatures without feeling cold.  Which is nice because fear of being cold keeps a lot of people from enjoying the outdoors in the cooler months.  Other benefits of cold exposure include a faster metabolism, decrease inflammation, better sleep and mental clarity.  I took a seminar on the Wim Hof Method which utilizes cold exposure.  There is also a great book called, “What Doesn’t Kill Us” by Scott Carney which talks in detail about the method.
I should mention that I did get the flu in 2018 and my wife believes it is from jumping in the cold water.
Speaking of the flu, it was awful.  Up until getting the flu I had never missed a single day of work going back 15 years.  I probably deserved it for taunting the flu for so many years.  However, I survived and recovered after some rest.
After recovering from the flu I had my worst injury of my life.  I badly strained an abdominal muscle and a rib while surfing.  While I was able to work through the pain, I was not able to surf for six weeks.  Once again, I recovered with the help of my fellow chiropractors.
I am lucky to have great chiropractors who take care of me.  I get my back adjusted on a weekly basis and have for the past twenty years.  I think it is because of this regular care that I have been able to avoid taking any pain medication in that time period.  I can honestly state that I have not taken a single aspirin, Advil or Tylenol in close to 20 years.  I thank my fellow chiropractors for this.
Although 2018 was a challenging year it was also a great year.  I learned a lot from my challenges and feel stronger for it.  I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful community.
Here is to wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

In Health,
Dr. Nick Baiata

Cold exposure at the Wim Hof Technique seminar.
This is the move that strained my ribs.
Enjoying the outdoors with my family.

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