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When treating musculoskeletal conditions it is important to address not only the skeletal aspect but also the muscular component as well.  This is why Dr. Nick Baiata of Surfside Chiropractic of Jacksonville combines chiropractic adjustments with soft tissue therapies.  One of the Jacksonville chiropractor’s soft tissue approaches is Myofascial Release Technique.

Myofascial Release Technique or MRT is one soft tissue treatment performed by the chiropractor that addresses muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  A popular form of myofascial release is call Active Release Technique or A.R.T.  Myofascial Release takes the joints through a specific range of motion while applying precise tension to the surrounding muscles and fascia.  This technique breaks up scar tissue and adhesions that form as a result of injuries.

After an injury the body’s natural repair process is to lay down scar tissue to patch the injured area.  The way scar tissue gets laid down is in an erratic pattern and can cause muscles to bind together.  This binding of the tissue can affect the way the tissue function.

After an injury or in cases of chronic problems scar tissue and/or myofascial adhesions can form which limits the muscles from functioning properly.  Scar tissue in a muscle can reduce optimum muscle firing, decrease overall muscle elasticity, and predispose the body to further injury. Myofascial release, however, can break up the muscle’s scar tissue, thus optimizing muscle firing, increasing tissue elasticity, and reducing the risk of injury to the area.

The combinations of scar tissue and adhesions can cause pain and stiffness.  Trigger points can form in the muscle which can cause pain to travel to different regions of the body.  Trigger points are focal points of muscle tightness, commonly referred to as knots that can be very painful.

Myofascial release technique removes the scar tissue present in muscles by stripping them away from the involved muscle and fascia, allowing the tissue to go back to their normal length and tone.
The combination of soft tissue therapies such as myofascial release technique and chiropractic adjustments works great for quickly getting people out of pain and on with their lives.